Buizingen – B24 H 41-28822 836th Squadron 487th Group

Buizingen – B24 H 41-28822 836th Squadron 487th Group

 B24 H 41-28822   836th Squadron  487th Group  8th AF etats-unis-drapeau1

23 June 1944

Crash : disintegrate in the air near Hal, Buizingen

Pilot Van Dyke Joseph S 2nd Lt O-808614 KIA http://www.487thbg.org/Photos/JosephVanDyke.shtml



Copilot Thies Merle J 2nd Lt O-816377  KIA

Navigator Zebora Rudolph J. 2nd Lt O-694997  KIA

Radio Opr Kraus Leslie e  S/Sgt  35683235 KIA


Ball Turret Glenn James R Sgt  34031257 KIA

Top Turret Crossley Charles H S/Sgt  33462202  KIA Ardennes American Cemetery


Tail Turret Spindler William H Sgt 12086916 KIA

Nose Turret Rupe Bradford A  Sgt 37522348  KIA


Engineer Snead John E T/Sgt  34163143  KIA


Eye witness report :

The lead group had bombed the secondary target of Juvincourt air field, France, and had successfully passed through the Charleroi-Mons flak corridor. On Reaching 5044N-0415E at 2040Hrs, altitude 19.000Ft (SW of Brussels) very accurate continuously pointed meager flak was experienced. It was at this point that aircraft 41-28822 was seen to disintegrate in the air. The crew never had a chance of bailing out, and packed chutes and other flying equipment were seen to fall out of the plane as it exploded. One chute was seen to open but was enveloped in Flames.