Colin Mark Gower

Colin Mark Gower


Colin Mark Gower – 1803724. His nickname was ‘Doc’, apparently because he used to give first aid to people’s cuts and abrasions.

He served with 77 squadron in, February 1945 .

He was  mid upper Air Gunner. Flew in KN – F mostly.



Colin Mark Gower in his turret


Colin Mark Gower is lower right. Second fron left, top row is Bill Mottram – bomb aimer




Pictures retrieved from Colin Mark Gower’s logbook.

The pilot he flew with most often was F/Sgt Weekes, but also Fl/Lt Peters on 27/2/45.

The Halifaxes were listed as 525, I, Q, G, F, O , E, K, V, B, H, L.

Courtesy of Mark Gower, Colin Mark Gower’s son

                                    15541247_1708749329415081_3515265047197897707_n                                                               Courtesy of John  Ward