Emines – Lancaster I NG332 IL-D 115 Squadron

Emines – Lancaster I NG332 IL-D 115 Squadron

Lancaster I  NG332  IL-D   115 Squadron  RAF  flag_of_the_united_kingdom_svg  

1-2 January 1945

Mission: Vohwinkel

Crash: At Emines

S/L  AAF Mills   KIA Leopoldsburg War Cemeteryflag_of_new_zealand-svg1

F/S  JDK Sterling  RNZAF   KIA Leopoldsburg War Cemetery

Sgt  CD Bassett   KIA Leopoldsburg War Cemetery

P/O  GD Long  RAAF   KIA Leopoldsburg War Cemetery



F/O  JD Booth    KIA Leopoldsburg War Cemetery

F/S  JEW Fenwick   KIA Leopoldsburg War Cemetery

F/S  ED Mathison  RCAF   KIA Leopoldsburg War Cemeteryetablissementon16321

F/S  JW McLeod  RCAF   KIA Leopoldsburg War Cemetery

N° 115 Squadron reported that Lancaster aircraft, NG332, with a crew of 8, failed to return from an operational attack on Vohwinkel, Prussia, Germany. It left base at 16.10 hours on the 1st January, 1945, after which no further news was received. P/O E.D. Mathison and F/Sgt J.W. McLeod were members of this crew.

Information received from N° 85 Group states that a British aircraft, type unknown, but believed to be a Lancaster was shot down by American anti-aircraft at Map Ref.J9218 at 20.10 hours on the 1st January, 1945. The aircraft was totally destroyed and buried 15 feet in the ground. The bodies recovered were unrecognizable but certain items recovered established the identity of some memebers as the crew of Lancaster aircraft NG332. Further information received states that seven bodies were recovered and buried in the American Military Cemetery, Fosse, Belgium.

The body of one member of the crew, F/O Booth, not RCAF was found and buried near the farm of M. Hazoir in Emines, Belgium, approximately 5 miles North of Namur, Belgium.

As the complete crew of eight is now accounted for, it can be assumed that two of the bodies mentioned were P/O ED Mathison and F/Sgt JW McLeod. In view this information, they were classified as « Missing Believed Killed in Action.


F/S  ED Mathison
F/S  JW McLeod