Hamont -Lancaster III ED488 VN-M 50 Squadron

Hamont -Lancaster III ED488 VN-M 50 Squadron

Lancaster III ED488  VN-M   50 Squadron RAF flag_of_the_united_kingdom_svg

2-3 February 1943

Mission: Köln

Shot down by a night-fighteretablissementon16321

Crash: At Hamont

F/O DA Power  RCAF   KIA  Heverlee War Cemetery

Sgt DN Clark  POW  Camp 344

F/O THL Church  RCAF   POW   Camp 344Résultat de recherche d'images pour "50 Squadron"

Sgt RA Holland  POW  Camp 344

Sgt VJ Mitchell  POW  Camp 344

F/L JM Bousefield  DFC  KIA

Sgt SD Beadon KIA  Runnymede Memorial

AIR MINISTRY 21st August 1946

Casualty Enquity N°: B.207

Lancaster ED488, missing on the 2nd February 1943. The crew consisted of the following members: J.9418 F/O Power DA; 1013983 T/F/S Clark DN Safe; J.10062 F/L Church TH Safe; 1381600 W/O Holland RA Safe; 980196 W/O Mitchell VJ Safe; 79226 F/L Bousfield JM (DFC) ; 647383 SGT Beadon SD

Four of the crew members have since returned to this country. F/L Church, W/O Holland, T/F/S Clark, and W/O Mitchell.

F/L Church states that the aircraft crashed near Eindhoven, Holland, and gives the following information on the remaining crew members. F/L Bousfield was killed in the second attack by a fighter, and was trapped by fire in the turret. F/L Church could hear himscreaming over the intercom. The screams stopped after the second attack. Sgt Beadon was trapped in the rear turret. F/O power was still in the aircraft when F/L Church abandonde it.

Information from German sources states that F/O Power was buried on the 5th February 1943 at St Trond cemetery, Grave N°: 117. The Graves Registration Service confirms that F/O Power is buried in this grave. No further information is know of the two missing members of the crew.

Signed EF Butler Flight Lieutenant.

F/O DA Power