Lancaster III ND347 LQ-W 405 Squadron

Lancaster III ND347 LQ-W 405 Squadron

Date: 8-9 May 1944

Mission: Haine-St-Pierre

Crash at: Peruwelz

P/O AE Darlow POW

Sgt PW Richards Evd

WO2 GA Lorimer RCAF Evd

P/O LA Nethery RCAF Evd

F/S AW Burrell POW

Sgt ET Utton POW

F/S DJ Copeland RCAF KIA Chievres Communal Cemetery

« Result of Investigations and findings:

It is seen from a gendarmerie report from Peruwelz that an aircraft crashed in flames in that Commune at 03.45 hours on the 7th May 1944. Two airmen, George Lorimer, R143080, RCAF, and Alex J. Nethery, L9356, RCAF, (this number may be 19356) are believed to have escaped. One airman, Richards Phillips, of Southampton, was made prisoner. A badly burnt body was recovered from wreckage and taken to Chievres Cemetery for burial. According to the German Cemetery List, a Sgt DJ Copeland R182337 was buried at Chievres following a crash at Oeruwelz on 9th May 1944. »