Malines – P47-C-5RE 41-6374 78th Fighter Group 83rd Fighter Squadron

Malines – P47-C-5RE 41-6374 78th Fighter Group 83rd Fighter Squadron

P47-C-5RE   41-6374    78th Fighter Group   83rd Fighter Squadronetats-unis-drapeau1

4 March 1944

Mission : Penetration Support   B17

Crash: At Malines

1st Lt Everett W. Powel O-885485  Escape Comete line


We were returning from a bomber escort mission when Lt. Powell’s plane developed a runaway prop. As a result, he constantly was losing speed and altitude. We were letting down in the overcast on instruments when Lt. Powell asked Lt. Caufield to go on instruments so he could fly his wing. The cloud was getting thicker and snow and ice appeared on the windshield. Lt Caufield spiraled out and went down. I tried to stay with Lt. Powell as long as I could. He made a turn away from me. I lost him in this turn at 5000 feet. I looked for him in the cloud but could not find him. I then called him on the radio but received no answer. He must have bailed out then, because we had had radio communication all the time. At 20000 feet he had said he thought he would have to bail out. I went below the overcast which was done to 200 feet to see if I could find Lt Powel or Lt Caufield. I looked for about three or four minutes without sighting Lt. Powell Lt. Caufield and I decided to climb back up and head for home. To the best of my knowledge he went down near Malines.


Gennaro Riccardo

2nd Lt. Air Corps 83rd Fighter Squadron