Spitfire IX B MJ301 9G-F

Spitfire IX B MJ301 9G-F

Date: 28 October 1944

Mission : Escort to Lancaster bombing Cologne

P/O Victorien Arman Gilbert BROCHU J-88814 KIA

« 2 November, 1944 ………In the afternoon on October 28th, the squadron took off to provide escort for a number of bombers attacking an important target in Germany. Gil. was one of the members comptising this escort. All our aircraft reached the target but on the return trip the weather was very bad and as the pilots had to fly through thick cloud, it was very difficult to remain in position. Gil. was seen to swerve slightly from the general direction of the remainder and to descend gradually. he did not dive any indication, tough, of being in difficulty but appeared to be looking for a level at which he could break cloud. no word has been heard of him since that time ……. RH Walker Squadron Leader, Officer Commanding, 441 Squadron

Circumstantial Report

At 14.55 hours on October 28, 1944, J.88814 P/O VAG Brochu took off with 13 other members of this Squadron to act as escort to Lancasters bombing Cologne.

The escort was carried out as planned. There was intense accurate heavy flak at the bombers from the target area but no fighters were encountered.

The weather was clear over the target but cloud and icing conditions were very bad en route. P/O Brochu was last seen accompanied by J.26034 F/O AJ McDonald, who is also missing, about to descend through cloud, south of Brussels, on the return Journey……. Signed F.A. Ruggle, F/O, for Officer Commanding, 441 RCAF Squadron